Maytide's letterpress and foil stationery is all about ethically beautiful linen papers coupled with sophisticated minimalist design; all a reflection of the purity that is simple unconditional L O V E. Our ethos is less-is-always-more, and we create for those who appreciate the value of quality, simplicity and individuality.

Announce the start of your new journey together with Maytide's luxurious letterpress and foil stationery ranges available as pre-designed suites or custom styled as you desire. When choosing Maytide you are not only supporting small business but also local Australian craftsmanship and boutique specialty products produced right here within our shores. Nothing is mass produced, and an FSC certified paper, or envelope made god knows where, just ain’t gonna cut it at Maytide.

As for me a bit about me as Maytide's designer. I love all the shades of white in the world, French films, my home town of Melbourne, f l o w e r s, grapes, pussycats, gold, silver, les bon vivant, blah, blah, blah, blah, anything pink, electro folk music, neon lights, knitted things, déjà vu, clumsy people, P O P C O R N, the beach in winter, and my little possum Auguste, just to name just a few!

alexandra - creatrice
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