quotes and pricing

Q. How do I get a quote if I don't want to choose one of your set package options?

Not a problem! Simply email us at [email protected], or complete the online order form and we will get back to you within 1 business day with your personalised quote. Don't forget to specify a rough idea of your quantities required!

Q. Do your prices include GST or will that be added to my invoice later?

All prices shown on our website are GST inclusive. Yay!

Q. Do you require a deposit?

Once you have received your quote and decide to go ahead with your order, a 50% deposit is required in order to commence the design process. Once you have approved your digital proof, the remaining 50% will be invoiced some time after that to allow time for payment to be receipted before final shipment can be processed.

paper and sustainability

Q. Are foil press printing techniques better for the environment than traditional ink letterpress printing?

Foiling is environmentally safe, with no inks, solvents or emissions present as it is a “dry” process.
With Foil, the residual stamping foil and polyester carrier is completely recycled. Further more, Foil does not adversely affect the recyclability of it’s finished paper product. Neither does the Foil reduce the paper’s biodegradability.

Embossing and debossing are probably the most sustainable decorating processes available, and a maytide favorite The embellishment is accomplished through the stretching and manipulating of the paper stock to create the impression with no additional products, such as ink, coating, or foil, being added to the stock.

Q. What are your papers made from and are they made in Australia?

Maytide’s beautifully soft and thick recycled linen paper stock is proudly 100% Australian made, using recycled linen off cuts which are reproduced into naturally textured handmade paper. The soft texture of the paper works so well when using foiling and embossing techniques giving great dimensional indentation to your stationery.
We also offer smooth thick 100% cotton card. This option is not recycled and is an imported product.

Please note due to the recycled and handmade nature of our paper, irregularities and slight surface defects are merely part of their charm and not considered defective.

Q. How thick is your paper stock?

GSM Grams p/square meter refers to the weight of your paper. Mayide’s recycled linen paper is handmade, thick and soft. Due to it’s handmade nature, the GSM can vary from approximately 550GSM up to 700GSM. Normal printer weight paper is around 80-120gsm to give you an idea.

Q. I love your textured linen paper, but I am and am looking for a more clean flat/sleek look. Do you have any other card stock options apart from the thick recycled, handmade linen?

Sure! We also offer a beautifully smooth extra thick 600GSM 100% cotton card for people who prefer a non textured look. This stock is available for a 7% surcharge on package prices due to the rising US exchange rate.

The lowdown on paper sizes:

A5 – 210mm x 148mm or one half of an A4 sheet

A6 – 148mm x 105mm or one quarter of an A4 sheet

C5 envelope – 229mm x 162mm for A5 cards

C6 envelope – 162mm x 114mm for A6 cards

design and colour

Q. I have an idea in mind! Can you produce a custom designed invitation from scratch for me?

Of course! If you have an idea, Maytide would be happy to discuss this with you. Simply email us at [email protected] Custom designs incur an additional fee of $190

Q. Can I order other items for my wedding not shown in your range?

Save the date, gift registry, place cards, service booklets, seating charts, drink coasters, wax seals and many other items can be ordered upon request for any of our stationery design ranges. Please specify in notes section of order form if you would like something included in your quote.

Q. Can I change the text/wording to be whatever I like?

Of course! Maytide is happy to mock up different options to suit your style/needs. After all it is your event!
You get two rounds of free text changes with your order, but just keep in mind that after that, changes are charged at $50 per digital proof. and by “digital proof” we mean a PDF delivered to your inbox.

Q. Can I choose my own colour for my stationery?

Stationery colours can be tailored to suit your needs. Every single colour under the rainbow is not possible, but we will endeavor to meet your demand or provide ‘as close to’ options for you to choose from. Maytide uses foil and embossing techniques which are less harm full to the environment than traditional ink letterpress methods.

Q. Does Maytide offer printed stationery for smaller items on the day of my wedding like place cards etc.?

Maytide produces printed stationery in conjunction with your letterpress/foil stationery suite when requested. Printed stationery is produced on luxurious 350GSM matte digital card with a high quality finish. Printed stationery is great for items such as place cards that need individual guests names and would be much too expensive if produced using the letterpress technique. Printed items are also great for menu's and other venue items such as wishing well signs, seating charts and gift tags that need to be produced closer to your wedding date.

Q. What type of colours can I choose from?

Coloured pigment foils provide deep, solid colours and can be flat or gloss in finish. Flat pigment foils provide a similar effect to that of a thick layer of opaque ink, while gloss pigment foils have more sheen, somewhat like enamel paint.

Metallics are a popular choice due to superior opacity. Metallics come in a wide variety of colours and are available in a variety of finishes from matte to super shiny!

Clear foil imparts an effect similar to a thick varnish.

Diffraction (holographic) foils change colour as they diffract light across the colour spectrum in various patterns that create the illusion of a third dimension.

Embossing and debossing is the most sustainable decorating process available, and a personal favorite. The embellishment is accomplished through the stretching of the paper stock and no additional product, such as ink, coating, or foil, is added to the stock, making is the purest option available.


Q. I love your wed_sites, but I don't need the ‘venue’ section, will this make the price cheaper for me?

First of all, rad, thanks so much! we are pretty excited about them too. Our wed_site price includes design, website hosting, personalised photography, your very own domain name and online RSVP facility. Due to all the costs involved, even if you don't need one of the sections our price is fixed. Sorry :(

There are two price points for wed_sites.

1. The Classic wed_site $490 AUS includes design, hosting, a choice of three themed photography backgrounds, your very own domain name, online RSVP facility, personalised photo scrapbook & venue page. (You can choose to leave out certain page options from your site if you wish.)

2. The Premium wed_site $580 AUS includes all of the features of the premium site as well as the option to personalise the photography background for your site. ie. specific floral colours or objects can be added at your request. With the ultimo package you also have the facility for your guests to upload their own photos to the site during and after your event via your very own personalised instagram #. You will have loads of extra of amazing intimate photos of your guests that your photographer couldn't possibly have the time to capture. YAY!


Q. I would like my wedding invitations printed in a different language. Can you do this?

For text in the Roman alphabet, please send us the text in Microsoft Word and we will typeset it for you. For text that is in a different alphabet, we require a vector art file.

production and shipping

Q. How do my invites come?

We send all orders via Express post within Australia which has online tracking. International parcels are sent via registered mail with online tracking also available. Each component of your order will be carefully wrapped and packed to ensure a safe arrival.

Q. How long does the entire process take from when I choose the design to my order arriving at my home?

Once we have received your approval on the digital proof, the invitations will be delivered within 2-3 weeks. The extra time needed before this depends on how quickly you can provide information needed for your digital proof. Do you have your guest list ready? Have you chosen your wording? These are the things that take time, so if you are armed with your decisions we can move as quickly as needed.

If you have a tighter time frame, please contact us and we’ll see what we can do.

Q. What happens if I find a mistake in my digital proof after I've made final approval?

Contact us immediately. If your order has not been processed, a last minute change can be made with the payment of an additional fee. If you are not so lucky and your stationery needs to be reprinted with the error corrected, we will contact you regarding associated costs.


Q. What methods of payment do you accept?

Payments can be made online using a credit / debit card via Paypal. Or by Direct account deposit. Details can be found on your invoice. Payments are all in Australian dollars.

Q. What is Paypal?

Paypal is used by millions people worldwide and trusted as the online payment system for 1000's of retailers. The first time you pay with PayPal, you will automatically be registered for a PayPal account (free of charge). You will need to enter your credit or debit card details to complete your purchase. Your card details will then be securely saved within your PayPal account and you can use your account on any other websites that accept PayPal. Your financial information always stays safe with PayPal. Your credit card and bank account numbers are never shared with online stores, and you’re 100% protected against unauthorised payments sent from your account.

Q. Can you ship my order before I make my final payment so I can get it out to my guests as soon as possible?

Orders can only be completed for shipment once final payment is made.